For the non-dutchies

My dearest colleagues from Hong Kong,

this blog is dedicated to you!

You wondered what Kwan(n) was writing all about, well… I hope it’s not too disappointing that it is all about nothing. It is an honour that you thought my writing would make any sense at all, since you should know me by now.

Even though the text is written in dutch, which is abbacadabra to you, I think it does not differ from talking to me in real life. I still create non-excisting combinations like “lai jam” which should be “lai yum” (sorry, Miss Strawberry) and I still have great interest in antique, but I could use some fresh eyes from times to times. I would treasure all the moments I would like to forget so badly that I have to die first.
Thank God I had you to understand my gibberish!

It was a great pleasure being with you.

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For your information: I DO know how to spell Farwell!

fairwell cake.jpg


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